Funaya in Ine-cho is very famous for its townspace. People in Ine-cho have lived with the sea , and the area is chosen one of the Important Traditional Buildings Preservation District. The buildings called Funaya lie along the seaside so that it's like floating on the sea. The scenery is very beautiful. On the 1st floor, there's a garage in the building(Funaya) and on the 2nd floor, there's a living room. There are 230 Funayas now. Some TV dramas from NHK or some movies were taken there. During the twilight, the scenery of Funayas with the sea look so beautiful so that people love it. It takes 30min from Amanohashidate to Ine-cho. You can have an optional tour of fishing there (Need booking). You can also enjoy delicious foods and especially Yellowtail is famous. You can even stay in Funaya. It's a very good place for sightseeing.