This is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kyoto. Togetsu Bridge,the trolley train and Hozu-gawa river rafting are all recognizable elements of this place,and the area is frequently used for filming TV-series and commercials.

There is a 3-vehicule sightseeing plan for Arashiyama.
First is the rickshaw ride through the bamboo forest to the World Heritage Site Tenryu-ji Temple.
The second is the spectacular scenery on view from the Sagano trolley train. It crosses a railroad bridge at one point,giving you a spectacular view regardless of where you are seated.
The Hozu-gawa river rafting is the third part. You’ll enjoy the scenery during the 16km downstream ride from Kameoka to Arashiyama. The rafting is a popular attraction with over 300,000 customers every year.
Every December the Arashiyama Hanatoro (Light and Blossoms Pathway) is held,with light-ups for the narrow bamboo forest path and the Watanabe Bridge. Night-time visits to the temples such as Nison-in and Jojakko-ji Temple are also allowed,and so many people visit at this time of year to see a different side of Arashiyama.