Gion is best known for Yasaka Shrine and maiko activities.

At the end of Shijo Street,which is the main street in Kyoto from East to West,you’ll come face to face with the Tori (gate) of Yasaka Shrine. The neighborhood maintains a traditional atmosphere,and you may see maikos and geikos walking around here. They will most likely accept to be taken a photo with if you ask them nicely,but we recommend you experience the maiko activity for about 15,000 yen.

As for the geikos,you should experience the Ozashiki-Asobi (games with Geisha). Typically,for 2 to 3 customers,at least 5 geikos will play games and enlighten the mood within a private chamber. One of the most basic games is called Omawarisan (policeman) where one person plays the drums while the others spin around.

In Maruyama Park you can see the famous shidare cherry trees,also known as “the nocturnal cherry-blossoms of Gion”.
The illuminated nocturnal cherry blossom is fascinating and the sight of the petals dancing in the night sky is moving,making for a vibrant atmosphere on spring evenings.