Kiyomizu-dera Tample is undoubtedly the most famous attraction of Kyoto. You can see the different sceneries of Kyoto through the changing seasons.
The cherry-blossom season and the Momiji-leaf seasons are spectacular.

Not only does it attract many visitors throughout the year,it also receives many school trips and excursions.
It is also a registered World Heritage Site as a cultural asset of Ancient Kyoto.
In front of the main temple is a bugaku stage made of Japanese cypress from which you can see across Kyoto. The expression “to jump from the Kiyomizu stage” can be translated as “to take a leap in the dark”.

You can also enjoy Kiyomizu-dra Temple at night on special occasions.
Every year,once each in spring,summer and autumn,you’ll be able to visit at night under the blessing light of Kannon.
The blue light shooting in to the night sky represents the compassion of Kannon and it is quite a sight even from the streets of Kyoto.
Please note that the Temple will be closed between day-time visiting hours and the special night-time visiting hours for preparation.

Every year since 1995,on the 12th of December (Kanji day) the Kanji of the year is decided here at Kiyomizu-dera Temple. The event is held by the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation.

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