You’ll learn to appreciate the charms of Nishijin brocade here through the beautiful Kimono shows performed on a daily basis,Nishijin brocade craftsmen exhibiting their trade,and the historical documents and explanation panels on display.

For the hand-weaving experience,you’ll be expertly guided in weaving a 20cm x 30cm centerpiece that you can keep for yourself or as a gift/souvenir. An all-Japanese silk yarn will be used. The experience will take around 3 hours and costs 5000 yen for adults and 4000 yen for students.

Visiting the town wearing a Komon kimono or dressing up as maiko,geiko and jyuni-hitoe is very popular too and is unique to Nishijin. For the jyuni-hitoe,it will cost you no more than 10,000 yen for the make-up,the dressing up and a commemorative photo.
You can buy extra copies of the photo so it might be an idea to take some home for friends and family.
There are direct sales stores for Nishijin brocades,where kimono accessories in particular are available in a large variety of design and price ranges so you will be able to find the perfect souvenir.