Amanohashidate is the sandbar is located in Miyazu in northern Kyoto Prefecture. This sandbar is 3.6 km long north which is Aso bay to south which is Miyazu Bay. Amanohashidate is one of Japan's three scenic views and has been a well-known tourist spot since Edo period. Amanohashidate is the place where Gods started to create Japan according to Japanese Myth.It is said that some influential country was near Amanohashidate in Yamato Period, that is why there are so many ancient relics such as mirrors and even Kofun, which is an ancient tomb. Approximately 8,000 twisted pine trees grow on it. It is just worth seeing this fantastic sharp has been created by nature over millennia. Not only Viewing from the mountains at either end of the bay, but enjoying several other attractions such as riding rental bicycle and getting on the boat and swimming.