‘Kagura’ is a Shinto ritual and performance in which the gods are summoned through prayers for the peaceful repose of souls in heaven.
In the past, those who were unable to visit the Ise Grand Shrine to pay homage to the gods were visited by officials from Masuda Shrine, who would perform ‘Kagura’, handing out talismans (written fortunes).
Today’s Kagura is chiefly comprised of two elements – one is a ritual dance for which the performer wears a lion’s head mask, believed to ward off evil spirits, and the second consists of an impressive performance of acrobatics.
The original Kagura, performed at Masuda Shrine in Tayu, still continues to this day – known now as ‘Ise Dai Kagura’. Every year, on the 24th December, prayers are still offered in Masuda Shrine, after which the priests and performers embark on an all-year-round, nationwide tour.

When: 24th December (annual), 12:30 onwards
Address: Mie-ken, Kuwana-shi, Tayu 155, Masuda Jinja

By car: about a 5 minute drive from the Kuwana Interchange (Toumeihan highway)
By train: about a 20 minute journey from JR Kintetsu Nagoya station to JR Kintetsu Kuwana station. From Kuwana station it is then about a 20 minute walk.

Contact information:
TEL:0594-23-2498 (Ise Dai Kagura Religious Association)
TEL:0594-24-1231 (Kuwana City Hall Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Division)