"Warashi Matsuri" is a festival dedicating a huge “Waraji” to a God, which is over 2 meters and is made only for this festival every year. "Waraji" is a flip-flop made of dried "straw (Wara in Japanese)", which is used for different purposes for many years in Japan.
It is said that this huge straw flip-flop is for a giant called “Dandarabotchi” who legendry created lakes and mountains all over Japan. Since many typhoons hit this area, Dandarabotch in this area particularly refers to typhoon.
In order to drive out Dandarabotch who creates clouds and causes the storms, the locals make a large flip-flop to make him believe there is a larger giant in this area. This legend comes from an idea of locals living together in the wild nature.
After praying, the huge flip-frop is carried by the local youths entering the sea and handed over to a fishing boat, then released to the sea further offshore.
There are many other events by the local community besides Shinto rituals, you can enjoy a stage event by local children, fireworks, food stalls and so on.