In the past, Futami Bay flourished as a place for people to lodge and ritually wash themselves prior to visiting the nearby Ise Grand Shrine. The Meoto Iwa – ‘wedded rocks’ – visible not far from the shore, were seen as a symbol of the union of man and woman through marriage.
The two rocks are tied together by a tough and immensely heavy rope, and from the months of May through to July (the beginning of June until the summer solstice in particular), magnificent sunrises can be witnessed, with the first rays of sun appearing between the rocks. Likewise, the beautiful sight of the full-moon rising between the rocks can be seen between October and February.

※The photograph shows the rocks under moonlight

Festival of Ise city in this month

Timeline of Meoto Iwa: The Wedded Rocks

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    Mie Ise city

    The Meotoiwa-oshimenawahari Ritual

    On the 9th of September (Monday) at 10:00~11:00, a ritual known as the "Meotoiwa-ooshimenawahari Ritual" will be held in the Futami-okitama Temple. The core of the ritual inv...

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    Mie Ise city

    Shout out love at the center of couple’s town! MEOCHU

    From 11:22 on Sunday 20th, November, “Shout out love at the center of couple’s town! MEOCHU” will be held at Futami Okitama shrine! It is “a project to shout out thanks from his...

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    Mie Ise city

    Setsubun festival

    “Setsubun festival” will be held on Friday 3rd January, 2017, at Futami-Okitama shrine. To drive out evil spirit, at first getting rid of red demon and blue demon, and then the ...

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