Offically known as ‘Shikinen Sengu Kinen Bijutsukan’ – ‘the Ceremonial Shrine Memorial Musuem’, Jingu Museum of Fine Arts was founded in 1993 to commemorate the 61st ‘Shikinen Sengu’ (a religious ceremony in which an enshrined object is transferred to a newly constructed shrine), which took place that same year.
Presently, the museum exhibits a collection of works by pre-eminent artists, dedicated to Ise Jingu Shrine in support of the ‘Shikinen Sengu’ ceremony. Among the works exhibited are recorded holders of prestigious awards, including ‘Order of Cultural Merit’ and ‘Important Intangible Cultural Asset’ (‘Japan’s Living National Treasures’) - with the artists themselves including among them members of the Japan Academy of Arts, and awarded ‘Person of Cultural Merit’.
With all the exhibits all under the same roof, their cultural value can more wholly appreciated – a style somewhat unique in Japan.
The building itself, designed by the renowned architect and member of the Japan Academy of Arts, Hirshi Oe, is based on traditional Japanese architectural style, emphasising harmony between the building and its surrounding natural landscape. Not only does each season offer a unique vista, but a large window inside the museum commands panoramic views of its beautiful surrounding gardens and pond.