Dating all the way back from the Edo period, Kawasaki was a town that had a history in using water transportation to navigate through wholesale stores that had been built nearby the passing Setagawa River. Also called as the "Kitchen of Ise", it had welcomed pilgrims on their way to the Ise Shrine and had become a city that offered hospitality to travelers alike.

The "Merchant's House" that was established as a tourism spot in Kawasaki is in fact a blast from the past from the Edo period, which was an old shop brought back into business and revitalized. With an ancient air felt in the atmosphere left by its interior, such as the parlor, tea room, and the garden, it possible to view produced and sold goods that were made during the Meiji period until the Showa period, including ciders.

Eventually, the building that made up the Merchant's House was registered as a cultural treasure by Japan in 2001.

Festival of Ise city in this month

Timeline of The Ise Kawasaki Merchant Hall

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    Mie Ise city

    Kurakura Yose (Vaudeville Theater)

    Kurakura Yose (a vaudeville theater) has begun in 1984. The event will be held in May and November in every year, and next event is on November 20th (Sun). At the Kadogoza in “I...

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    Mie Ise city

    Daidoko Shimai market

    “Daidoko Shimai market” will be held around Ise Kawasaki merchant Museum on Sunday 25th December. Goods about kitchen such as vegetables and dried fish etc., and New-year goods ...

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