Kuwana sosha (Kasuga-jinja shrine) is the common name for both Kuwana-jinja shrine and Nakatomi-jinja shrine. Kuwana sosha is known as the local Shinto deity.
According to an old document, Kuwana-jinja shrine where worships Kuwana-obi (the founder of Kuwana) was there in 110, and it is called “the god of prosperity” because it supported Kuwana to flourish.
In addition, Nakatomi-jinja shrine enshrined Kasuga four deities from Kasuga-taisha in 1296, which is why Nakatomi is called a shrine for warding off evil.
The first Sunday in every August has Ishidori-matsuri festival, which is called “the loudest festival in Japan”. You will hear the sound of cymbals and drums all day. It is such a lively festival which is loved by local people.

Festival of Kuwana city in this month

Timeline of Kasuga-Jinja Shrine