Rokkaen was completed in 1913 as a mansion for Seiroku Moroto the second who was a businessman and called "The king of moutain forest". Josiah Conder who was a British architect, designed Rokumeikan and called "the father of Japanese modern architecture" created the Western-style part. This attracts many people's attention as a only remain work in the country side.
This mansion is a valuable ancient structural remnant which faces on Ibi and Nagara Rivier and it consists of buildings and a Japanese garden such as a Western-style building, a Japanese-style building and a warehouse. It is approximately more than 18,000 square meters of very large sites.

Although the design of the Western-style building is simple overall, a penthouse of the fourth floor with overwhelming presence is impressive. Also you must see details such as curved glass which was new for those days, the design of veranda and sunroom and fireplaces of each room.
It was usual that Western-style building have Japanese-style building, but it is rare that it has a large Japanese-style building like this.

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