It is located in the northernmost tip of Isenokuni. In the past, Tado Shrine looked up to Tado Mountain as a shintai mountain and according to legend, in the late fifth century, in the reign of Emperor Yūryaku, Shinto shrine was built. It is said that “Ageuma divine service” of Tado Festival started in the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties. And the power of god was strong but it was laid waste by fire caused by warfare of Nobunaga Oda in 1571 and finally it was reduced to ashes.
When the Edo period came, by the feudal chief of Kuwana, Tadakatsu Honda, the shrine was contributed and in 1606 it was reconstructed, and annual festivals were also revived.
It was such a big revival and it was said that “When he goes to Ise, he visits Tado Shrine.”
In 1915, it received a high shrine ranking called Kokuhei Taisha, and recently many people visit here as an old shrine in Tokai area.
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