From late March to early April, Kenei Gongendo Park’s one thousand or thereabouts Yoshino cherry blossom trees enter their full bloom, stretching across the park's embankment in a breath-taking tunnel of soft pink. Planted just adjacent, the park’s bright yellow rape blossom fields contrast superbly with the pale pink cherry blossom, creating a magnificent palette of colour.
Each year the park hosts its ‘sakura-matsuri’ (‘cherry blossom festival’), aligned with the flowers coming into bloom. The festival features a variety of events & activities, and includes approximately 1,000 different stalls.
To access Satte Gongendo Park, take the route bus bound for Gokamachi Yakuba from Satte station (on the Tobu Nikko line).
During the cherry blossom flowering period, an extra shuttle bus service will be in operation, going directly from Satte station to the ‘sakura matsuri’ venue.