Nagaoka district in Maibara city with Amanogawa (Milky Way)basin is famous for where wild fireflies live and also firefly in this area has been designated a special national treasure as "fireflies of Nagaoka and their habitats."
This is the only one firefly said as a special national treasure in Japan.
Their best season come around begging to middle of June and "Amanogawa firefly festival" is held every year in this season.
During the festival period, they put firefly Andon (Oriental lamp) is to explore road around the venue and be so crowded with people.
There are two specialty of this festival. One, this festival runs by community participants. Two, rather than to take advantage of the firefly as just tourism resources, it tells the splendor of sight firefly as "a symbol of environmental awareness". Over 20,000 people visits every year.
It is simple just fantastic how the myriad of fireflies to dancing in pure river.
We better not to forget think about how can we keep this beautiful planet like this wild fireflies.