Lake Biwa,the biggest area and water storage in Japan,was formed 4 million to 6 million years ago.
So,Lake Biwa cruise is highly recommended.

The 360° panorama view from the top of the deck is very beautiful.

In winter season,the boat for viewing snow takes you to see the Eight Great Snow-Viewing Sight; Otsu port,Yurikamome,Ogoto Onsen,Mt. Hieizan,Ukimido Lake Biwa Bridge,Mt. Hira,Okisshima Island,Hikone Castle in Mt. Konki and Mt. Ibuki.

Some people go to spiritual islands like Chikubu Island or Kiga-Biwako by ferry.

It is said that there is an guardian of Biwako,called Kokuryu (Black Dragon) in Chikubushima.
People wish their success and growth by throwing potteries toward Miyazaki Tori of Kokuryu.