Lake Shinji-ko selected the 100 best sceneries in Japan located straddles Matsue City and Izumo city.
The Seven Delicacies in Shinji-ko,Suzuki (Japanese seabass),Moroge-ebi (metapenaeus ensis),eel,Wakasagi (Hypomesus nipponensis),Shijimi (blasket calm),cod and noddlefish,are fished in this huge lake as like sea.
There is Matsue Castle and Yomega-shima Island nearby.
It is good place to visit Shimane,since there are many hotels and restaurants.

Around Lake Shinji-ko,there are good Onsen making tourists relax.
You can enjoy Japanese culture in Japanese style Onsen Hotel and local fish and shellfish.

Visitors can feel ancient Japan from the art crafts or culture based on old gods’ legends recorded in Fudoki or Izumo Mythology.

Festival of Shimane in this month

Timeline of Lake Shinji