The Matsue Castle is one of the existing 12 castle towers and it is resistered as an important cultural property.
When Mr Horio Yoshiharu built the Matsue government in 1607, it was started to bulid. The construction completed in five years. The feature of the castle is spartan. It seems like plovers spreading their wings, so it is also called 'The Plovers Castle'.
The existing castle tower is 30 meters high and consisted of 5th floor six layers. It is the watchtower equation and you can see 360° of the city from the top. The armors and ancient documents are displayed inside the castle.
In addition, there are many SAKURA trees in the Matsue Castle Park and the park is chosen as one of The 100 Places to see Best SAKURA.

Festival of Shimane in this month

Timeline of Matsue Casle