You can find Lake Hamanako in Shizuoka Prefecture. It borders across Hamamatsu City and Kosei City.
They cultivate a lot of eel,seaweed,oysters and soft-shelled turtles here.
It is especially famous for its eel,which is used in a lot of the local specialties such as the Eel Donburi and eel pie.
However,in recent years,because of the availability of the cheaper imported eel,the number of cultivators has faded making Japanese eel a rarity.

Many areas surrounding Lake Hamanako have been developed as resorts.
Marine sports such as yachting and boating are very popular whenever the weather allows for it.
There is also a boat tour which is popular among tourists. You’ll be able to take a relaxing cruise across the lake.

There is a theme park,a Garden Park,a speedboat racecourse,onsens and much more nearby,so you’ll be able to enjoy yourselves in many ways.

Festival of Shizuoka in this month

Timeline of Lake Hamana