This limestone cave was created when the spring water that ran underground permeated into the soil layers, precipitating and solidifying the calcium carbonate within, which was then dissolved by the rain and underground water. It is 50 meters long and its average temperature throughout the year is between 15 and 16 degrees.
It is said that Minamoto no Aritsuna, a trusted retainer of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, was forced to use this cave as a hideout following the battle of Dannoura, the final battle of the Heike-Genji wars, as he was chased by the Yoritomo army for being considered part of Yoshitsune’s kin. Within the cave, the lives of Aritsuna and his companions have been recreated with the help of dolls and sounds, as well as picture story shows carried out by the guides. There is also an armory museum with armors and Japanese swords on display.
*There are also replica armors for you to try on and take pictures. (Cost: 500 JPY. Area 2 for adults. Area 1 for children.) Visitors must use their own cameras.