It is a big tuff, it has been said, where one of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s worriers spent over night when they went to expedition for east. Although opinion is divided, Nodachi rock is named because Daimyo “Gamo Hideyuki”, the leader of Oku-Aizu han, was impressed marvelous scenery of “Tengu Rock” nearby and did “Nodachi” (a man of position takes a rest in the open air) at Nodachi Rock during Sekigahara war. There are rocks in various sizes around here in 200m, collectively called “Shiobara Boulder.” It is famous for a sacred place of the best bouldering place in Japan, many young people gathering. There are a wide range of rocks for both beginner and advanced. The route named “Catharsis” has one of the top class difficulty V14, which is American difficulty standard “V grade.”