Shiobara Onsen is a historic spa town for more than 1,200 years. Furumachi Onsen is one of the hot springs in the Shiobara Onsen spa town. The development began in the Azuchi-Momoyama period, and has become one of the major hot springs in Shiobara due to the increase in tourists with high economic growth.
There are the most hot-spring inns in the Shiobara 11 districts as well as a range of shops selling souvenirs and restaurants of Shiobara’s specialty gourmet "Tote-yaki".
Among those restaurants, Shiobara's unique gourmet "fried noodle soup" is particularly popular. It is so popular that many tourists from inside and outside the prefecture visit to try this noodle soup on holidays.
A facility "Shiorihara Imagination Archive Hall" where you can learn the history of writers who work in Shiobara is also located in Furumachi Onsen. It is the best facility, not only for literature but also a base to explore Shiobara, because Shiobara Onsen Tourism Association, souvenir shop and farmers’ store are located there.