The famously sweet Arita oranges and Yuasa soy sauce are known as special products. Yuasa is a city with an old and beautiful townscape and has historycally prospered by producing soy sauce. Also in Katsuura, there is one of the biggest landing bases of fresh tuna.

In the animated Kuroshio Market, located 20 minutes by car from Wakayama city center, you can see tuna filleting shows and enjoy a seafood barbeque there with fresh seafood of your choice. Many tourists go to Shirahama beach in the summer. Engetsuto or Senjojiki make for wonderful surroundings.

"Kumano Kodo", which is a registered world heritage as a Pilgrimage Route to Kumano three mountains, and the mecca of Japanese Buddhism "Koya Mountain" build the unique culture of an attractive religious city. The Nachi waterfall, the biggest in Japan in terms of hight and quantity of water, is really impressive. You must not miss it.

Timeline of Wakayama

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    Kumano-Hongu-Taisha shrine

    The Kumano Sanzan (three major shrines) is the oldest shrines in Japan.
    It is designated as Worl...

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    Nachi Waterall

    The Nachi Waterfall is one of the 3 Greatest Waterfalls in Japan and is located on the Nachi-gawa...

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    Kuroshio Market

    Kuroshio Market in Wakayama City,Wakayama Prefecture,is a seafood market.

    You’ll be able to fi...