* One big tree comphor tree
* Branches will spread very widely
* It’s over 1000 years old

A big tree of comphor (Kusu) in Toyoura-machi, Shimonoseki.
The tree’s branches spread out so it looks like a forest,
It is named " Forest of camphor in Kawatana".

It was estimated to be over 1000 years old. The height is 27 m, the branch coat exceeds 50 meters around. It is famous for its big long branches.

It is said to be one of the three biggest comphor tree in Japan,
It is known as the designated national treasure of Japan.
In recent years, it is also popular as a power spot.

From Kawatana Onsen Station, which has a hot spring representative of Yamaguchi Prefecture,
You can see it in about 10 minutes by car.
Why don't you indulge yourself when you stop by the hot springs.
You will feel the warmth and the size of the tree.