In addition, a variety of fruits picking is available whole year there, such as strawberry, plum, persimmon and cherry. It is the place to try these great tastes of local fruits.

Speaking of taste, there are 12 wine factories using the most produced grape in Japan.
You can visit the factories, try sample of wine, and also purchase your favorite if you would like.

Plus, Fuefuki is also a city of flower. In April, when is the last season of cherry blossom, the city has a great view of 300,000 peach trees. This is the only place where you can get to see such a beautiful sight of peach branch.

In Isawa onsen spa area where is known as "hot springs of beauty" has more than 30 Japanese style hotels. Enjoy taking some relaxing time with traditional hot springs after seeing fantastic scenery of Fuefuki.

Besides, the city has festivals and events in every season, such as a reproduced samurai festival from 400 years ago, cormorant fishing called "ukai".
Fuefuki city would love to have you as a visitor!


Timeline of Fuefuki city

  • Gourmet Thumb1 20181012102146
    Yamanashi Fuefuki city

    Fuefuki City New Soul Food "RāHō"!

    “Hōtō” is a local cuisine in Yamanashi Prefecture. We wanted more locals and more tourists to taste our local cuisine more often. Therefore, we created “RāHō” from Ramen and H...

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  • Gourmet Thumb1 20180629155854
    Yamanashi Fuefuki city

    "PEACH FESTA 2018" about to be start!!

    Featuring the peaches from Japan's number one paradise, Yamanashi Prefecture's Fuefuki city, PEACH FESTA 2018 arrives!! ◆Event period: 2018/7/7 (Saturday) - 2018/8/19 (Sunday...

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  • Gourmet Thumb1 20170202235012
    Yamanashi Fuefuki city

    Wine Ramen

    Yamanashi is known as No.1 grape production in Japan. Among them, Fuefuki City is the best! We used red wine for this ramen development. Red wine contains many polyphenols su...

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