Itami City Museum of Insects is a part of Koyaike Park, which is famous as an oasis for wild birds, located near the center of Itami City. Its biggest draw is the butterfly room, the largest in Kansai region. Amidst the tropic/semi-tropic atmosphere with 4500 plants and flowers of 200 species, 1000 butterflies of 14 species thrive and flutter their wings before your eyes. In other rooms, you will encounter aquatic insects such as diving beetles and giant water bugs, or stag beetles and stick insects, all alive and thriving. You can also study various specimens of rare insects from around the world, diorama of the world of insects, enlarged to 10 times of the actual size. "Big Bee", a model of a honey bee 200 times of its actual size is also quite eye-catching. An endless fun for insect fans, events of various themes are held regularly, which a quite popular.


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