Kuwana Suigo Fireworks Festival has been held since 1934 and this is a historical fireworks festival peculiar to Kuwana, riverside district town.
It is held late in July and several fireworks are displayed such as "Water Star Mine" which explode in the water, "Flying Niagara" which looks like waterfall, and "Nishakudama Fireworks" which is the largest in Tokai area: 500 m high, 500 m in diameter, including "Star Mine" which is let off continuously like thousands from Ibi river at a sandbar in the middle.
Especially Nishakudama Fireworks are very powerful and it seems like falling to spectators.
This festival is the special feature of summer in Kuwana.

○Date: Late in July
○Place: The right bank of Ibi River, Kuwana-shi
○Access:【By train】about 20 minutes from JR Kintetsu Nagoya Station to Kuwana Station and 20-minute walk to the place
○Inquiry: Kuwana City Hall Industry and Tourism Section
○HP: http://kanko.city.kuwana.mie.jp/event/hanabi/index.html