"YOKOHAMA DAISEKAI," is a 8-story entertainment mall in the midst of the Yokohama Chinatown.
Trick Art Museum, Chinatown’s largest food court, Souvenir shop, Massage service and more to enjoy all in one!
1F The largest Souvenir Shop in the Chinatown Dask Market. Come to buy Yokohama Chinatown souvenirs! The Largest souvenir shop in the Chinatown!! Chinese teas, alcoholic beverages, foodstuffs, sundries, and Yokohama souvenirs…. The gift shop offers the widest variety of souvenirs!!
2F Fortune-telling, Cosplay photo studio, and massage services will refresh your mind and body.
3F Chinese Food Court Chuka Aji Ichiba
This food court, modeled on a homely Chinese town, offers ramen, noodles/rice dishes, dim sum, dessert, and other authentic Chinese dishes at reasonable prices!
4F to 8F Trick Art Museum
More than 100 trick art works will amaze you. Photography O.K. You can take an incredible photo! "Jaws," trick art work that appears to pop out. Let's take photos with illusions!



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