9 days from November 1st to 9th, annual event of Heijokyo Ruin, "Heijokyo Tenpyosai Festival" will be held. Heijokyo Ruin is the place where "Heijokyo" the capital of Tenpyo era used to be. This is known as part of Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara, the world heritage.
In Tenpyosai Festival, you are going to see ancient event or able to wear clothes in Tenpyo era. The festival a lot more to see such as beautiful autumn flowers in plaza.

Period:November 1st~9th
Place:Heijokyo Ruin
Access:20 minutes by bus from JR "Nara" Station, 15 minutes by foot from Kintetsu "Yamato Saidaiji Station"


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