The Ariake gulf has a tidal range of 6 metres and produces a lot of seafood, thanks to its abundant amount of sea life.
The neighbouring seaside towns are famous for their unique local food.
Among them, Tara is famous for Takezaki Gani (crab). The secret of its delicious taste is down to the crabs` diet of
plankton which, due to their exposure to sunshine, manage to absorb a lot of UV rays.
The female crabs become especially delicious in winter time - but isn`t it annoying having to remove the shells ?
Kanimabushi can solve that problem...
Just add the crab meat to some rice and eat it with 4 types of sauce as follows:
①Crab Butter、②The restaurant`s very own `special sauce`、③Special Ponzu (a sauce containing soy sauce and vinegar or citrus juice)、④ rice with tea poured on it
The four individual flavours can all be enjoyed in turn, and what`s more - you can focus on your conversation without having to worry about removing crab shells!

Takezaki Gani Ryoka Hoyouso
●Address/1099-5 Ohura Tara-cho Fujitsu-gun


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