Gero-Gassho Village lies in the famous Gero City for hot springs.
The village is a museum in which you can see private houses of Gassho Dukuri, one of the most famous Japanese traditional houses moved from the famous "Shirakawa-Go".
In the village, the local folklore data is put on display, and you can enjoy ceramic art, feeling a simple life of old Hida.
The village has "Shirasagi Shadow Play Theater".
Local folk tales are performed in shadow play for a limited period.
The first period of 2015, from Feb.15th~Jun.7th, plays "Powerful Kotaro" twice a day.
Shadow pictures are something heartwarming and put you into nostalgia.
Actors artistically put their hands together and express characters and various beautiful scenes.

The traditional atmosphere in Gero-Gassho Village must catch your heart.
You should visit there.

【Gero-Gassho Village "Shirasagi Shadow Play Theater"】
Period: Feb.15th~Jun.7th,2015
Time: 10:30~/14:15~(about 35 minutes)
Program: "Powerful Kotaro"
Closed: Wednesdays(except the Wednesday is a holiday)
Fee: 300yen(from 3 years up)
Inquiry: 0756-25-2239
Official Site:


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