Gero-Onsen Spa has weekly themed firework event in every winter.
January is called "The Beginning", February is "Hope", and March is "Journey". They have firework event for 10 minutes every Saturday. The color and style of firework are different depend on the theme.
You can take a bath after seeing firework as well since the site is famous for spa.

The list of weekly themes and outlines are below.
Jan. 9: Seijin Hanabi (firework in Japanese) / the theme is "20 years old", it expresses mature atmosphere.
Jan. 16: Hanamochi Hanabi / imagined red and white rice cake in the local area.
Jan. 23: Haruyokoikoi kanake Hanabi / heartwarming firework themed coming of the spring.
Jan. 30: Kenko-kigan Setsubun Hanabi / imagined red oni(ogre), blue oni, the theme is Setsubun.
Feb. 6: Huyu-no Seiza Hanabi / fireworks look like shimmer of stars.
Feb. 13: Valentine's Day Hanabi / passionate firework as it is titled.
Feb. 20: Ganbaro Hanabi / firework to cheer you up!
Feb. 27: Gokaku-kigan Hanabi / with hope for all who take entrance exam of school.
Mar. 5: Ohina-sama Hanabi / white, pink and red are theme colors for the Doll's festival.
Mar. 12: White Day / white fireworks from guy to lady to tell gratitude.
Mar. 19: Sotsugyo Tabidachi-no Oen Hanabi / the theme is celebration for new life.
Mar. 26: Sakura Hanabi / imagined sakura blossoms.

Every Saturday between January 9th to March 26th, 2016.
The lower reach of Hidagawa river, Gero Ohashi.
8:30pm- (about 10 minutes)
0576-25-4711 (Gero City Sightseeing Information Office)


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