If you are looking for souvenirs in Japan, let’s take a look at Matsujiro’s store! It has not only souvenirs but also some sweets to eat while you are walking.
“Matsujiro’s store” built in 1912 specializes in honey which is directly delivered from a beekeeping garden, and it has been supported from lots of fan in its neighborhood.
Operating shops in Matsusaka city and Oharai-cho in front of Naiku, Grand shrine at Ise, one of the distinctive features of this store is keeping honey bees in the shops.
These are some of the recommendation from the store:
Home-produced pure honey: made from cherry blossom trees and domestic herb plant
Royal jelly bee propolis: high-quality royal jelly
Honey soap: moistures your skin
Honey bee pollen: scarcity value natural supplement which is called “perfect food in natural world”
Honey throat drops: the most popular product since its inauguration with lots of repeaters
Honey sweets: madeleine financier collaborated with famous pâtissier
Honey ice cream wrapped in soft wafers: the best sweet to take out
Since Matsujiro founded his store over a hundred years ago, Matsujiro’s store has been developing products for your health and beauty with high quality assurance.

[Matsujiro’s store -Matsuzaka-]
Address:〒515-0083 1873, Nakamachi, Matsusaka city, Mie prefecture
Open hours:
9:30AM-6:30PM (Open everyday except January 1st & 2nd)
Contact: 0598-26-8133
Website: http://www.matsujiro.co.jp/user_data/shop.php

[Matsujiro’s store -Oharai-cho, Ise-]
Address:〒516-0025 Nakanokirimachi 7, Uji, Ise city
Open hours: 10:00AM-5:00PM (Everyday)
Contact: 0596-27-8328
Website: http://www.matsujiro.co.jp/user_data/shop.php


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