"Japanese spring starts from Lake Hamana!" It is located in Shizuoka where has Mt. Fuji, and it is also located middle between Tokyo and Osaka so it has a very convenient access for sightseeing. Lake Hamana has many attractiveness of Japan.
At Hamamatsu Flower Park, you can enjoy "most beautiful cherry blossoms around the world and tulip garden", "night time cherry tree" (Best time is late in March-middle in April), "150m wistaria-trellis and wisteria made with a garden tree" which were made by Board Chairperson Konami Tsukamoto who is a first woman tree doctor (Best time is late in April-early in May). This is a popular spot so foreine tourists has increased. At Lake Hamana, there are many ways to enjoy Hamana such as excursion ship of Lake Hamana, Ropeway which only go above the lake in Japan, attractive facilities like local line Amatatsu Lake Hamana Railway which you can enjoy the scenery changes, and Lake Hamana cycling. Also, at the famous hot spring in Hamana, Zanji Hot Spring, you can enjoy sea products such as famous eel, oyster of Hamana, and natural tiger puffer.
For individual traveler, recommendation is free pass HAMANAKO RAIL PASS (3DAYS). You can use one way e-wing directly bus from Chubu International Airport for 1 time, and you can use Enshu bus, train, Amatatsu Lake Hamana Railway which coverall the area for 3 days whenever you want. Moreover, it is a so advantageous pass that you can receive discount when you show your pass at sightseeing facilities in that area.


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