Passengers travelling on the Tatyema line of the Toyama Chiho Railway, bound towards the famous Kurobe Alpine Route, were last month delighted to find themselves greeted on arrival by large groups of locals, waving their hands and welcoming them in to the town.
Known as the ‘Tateyama Project’, its aim was to create a warm and hospitable vibe for tourists visiting the area. The project took place over a three day period, between the 16th and the 18th of April, along the entire Alpine Route line.

During the project, locals held up hand-written message boards, including a large banner with “Welcome!” printed on it - all the while waving enthusiastically to greet tourists as they arrived by train. And the result? The tourists immediately began to smile and wave back to the locals, creating a knock-on effect of warmth and familiar feeling that could be sensed all across the railway line.

The Tateyama Project will be taking place again this Autumn – again, exclusive to passengers travelling along the Tateyama line. It’s a unique and memorable experience for all the family, so why not come and see it for yourself?

Catch a piece of the action here! (Youtube):