Yunoshimakan Hotel
This is a Japanese traditional style hotel established back in 1931. It stands in a park which is 50,000 tsubo (165,289㎡), and you can see all over the Gero city from the park. Birds and flowers express seasonal atmosphere, therefore this hotel was built with these natural tastes. The hotel’s gate, connecting corridor, and the three-storied wooden main hall built in 1931 are now designated as registered tangible cultural property.

Each room of this hotel was made when did not have today’s technique of design drawing. Accordingly, the carpenters worked hard with own inspiration as designer. Meanwhile, they also gave careful attention to details too, so the rooms are very simple but elegant.

In addition, there is also a western style hall built in the same period. Even now handmade tiles and window glass, stained glass entertain visitors. This hotel is exactly where you can enjoy romance and luxury of both Japanese and western buildings.
The number of rooms: 67
Address: 645,Yunoshima,Gero-city,Gifu-pref,Japan.509-2207
Tel: +81-576-25-4126
Person in charge: Sato Junko


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