In Yamanashi prefecture, many kinds of fruits are cultivated, and the fresh tastes are highly recognized both within and outside Japan. Kofu city is famous for pear producing area in Yamanashi prefecture. Mainly, pear named “Kosui”, which is so sweet and soft fruit, is cultivated. The pear of Kofu will be seen at “Fudoki-no-oka farmer’s market” from early to middle of August. There will be a lot of events such as “summer pear festival” in the middle of August, pear sampling, farmer’s shop, picking pear etc. Be sure to taste nice juicy pear!

Fudoki-no-oka farmer’s market
Place/ Shimosonecho 1070-3, Kofu City
Tell/ 055‐266‐3858
Opening hour/ 9:00~18:00
Closed / Tuesday


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