Deconstructing the theme of 'modern Japanese' for resorts - the "Kyukamura Kishu-kada". The large hot spring of Kada-awashima Onsen in the proximity, also called the "Open Sky Hot Spring", has been completely revamped from top to bottom, making the edge of the hot spring look as if it's connected to the ocean view - a breathtaking spectacle of the infinity bath that can now be enjoyed here. In addition, the outdoor bath that overlooks the Kitan Strait is one of its kind. It is especially recommended to see the view here when the sun sets towards Awaji Island before night sets in. As for the onsen that are available in the resort, one of them include the smooth, and slightly viscous "Bihada Hot Spring" that has become a special attraction towards visitors here. Rooms that overlook the ocean here in the hotel were also rebuilt with the concept of turning it into a premium relaxation room for guests.

Located in the fishing town of Kada, the fresh seafood of the area is highly prided and used for local seafood dishes that can be enjoyed here in the resort as you spend your time here to relax and get away from it all.

【Address】Miyama, Wakayama, Wakayama Prefecture 483
【H P】
From Nanba Station (Osaka)、take the Nankai Train for about 60 minutes until Wakayama Station、and transit to Kada Station (25 minutes)。From Kada Station、take the Kyukamura Kishu-kada Shuttle Bus or use the taxi that will take about 10 minutes.