This year, “Mt. Eri Red spider lily festival” will be held in the terraced paddy field at Mt. Eri in Ogicho, Ogi city, which is designated one of “the Top 100 Terraced Paddy Fields in Japan.” Since the contrast of green of terraced paddy fields and red of red spider lilies is so beautiful, it is a popular spot for photographers and tourists. It is recommended for you to take the best photo with walking along the path of red spider lilies. In addition, it’s an event for families to enjoy a concert in the terraced paddy field, shops of farm products made in Ogi city, and a scarecrow festival. Free shuttle bus runs on that day.

Terraced paddy field in Mt. Eri
Iwakura, Ogicho, Ogi city, Saga
“Mt. Eri Red spider lily festival”
2016 September 22th (Thursday・Holiday) 9:00-
Contact: Ogi city office, the section of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 0952-37-6125


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