The long awaited hot air balloon season has come round once again, with the return of Saga Prefecture’s exciting International Balloon Fiesta! But that’s not all – with this year’s competition being the world championship, the competition will take place for longer than usual.
With each of the participating countries’ champions all gathered together amidst the rare sight of hundreds of hot air balloons, all floating together in the sky, this is definitely an experience that shouldn’t be missed.
Throughout the championship, a temporary station – ‘JR Balloon Saga Station’ will be set up within the venue itself, and as such, JR is the recommended means of accessing the venue by rail.
Please refer to the webpage (below) for further details (venue map, schedules, etc.).
Additionally, those who want to brush up on their knowledge of hot air balloons should drop by the Saga Balloon Museum (which only just opened on the 1st October!). A more in depth understanding of what’s happening during the competition will surely enable you to appreciate it more, making for an overall more memorable and more enjoyable experience.
2016 Saga Hot Air Balloon World Championship
Saga Balloon Museum


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