Itami Craft Exhibition started from 1989 and in 1998 their exhibition got bigger as Itami Internaitonal Craft Exhibition, they have decided to their theme to be "Jewelry" and "sake cup/drinking". vessel" since then. This is the year for sake cup/drinking vessel and had 98 artists with 506 products out of 297 applicants from all over the world got selected this year.
Please come and visit to enjoy their wonderful art works from the entire world!

Period: 12.Nov (Sat) - 25.Dec (Sun)
Opening hour: 10:00-18:00 (final entrance 17:30)
Closes on Monday (If Monday is national holiday, they will be closed on the next day)
Fee: Free
Venue: Itami-shiritu Kougei Center

2-5-28 Miyano-Mae Itami-shi Hyougo
Tel: 072-772-5557
HP: http://www.mac-itami.com/

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■"Taste some great sake with the sake cups got awards!"
18.Nov(Fri) - 25.Dec(Sun)
You can drink their local sake with awarded sake cup at 6 restaurants in Itami city.


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