This 2016, the Shiobara Onsen experienced an early snowfall. Normally snow doesn't fall until well into December, but not only did snow come in late November this year, it's already piled up to a whole 10 cm. The days are growing colder, and the mid-afternoon has begun to hover close to zero celcius. The photo posted here is the "Red Suspension Bridge" next to the Shiobara Museum. It may be turning into a very cold winter, but there's nothing better than sitting in a steaming hot spring while watching the snow fall. Of course, winter wouldn't be complete without a ski trip, and Hunter Mountain located near the Shiobara Onsen is perfect for a day ski trip, and it's easily accesible from Tokyo. During winter, the hotsprings host a breathtakingly beautiful event called "Taketori Stories", and light a thousand bamboo lamps amongst the snow. Come to Shiobara and enjoy all the beauty and fun winter has to offer.


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