From ​​the Yatsugatake Tourist area, you can sometimes see
the splendid sea of ​​clouds floating in the direction of the Southern Alps and Mount Fuji.
At "Fujimi Panorama Resort" in Fujimi cho, you can use the gondola to appreciate the sea of ​​clouds from the summit of the mountain. The spetacular view of the clouds that you can't see everyday. The chance of seeing sea of ​​clouds is about 60%. A fantastic space that continues to Yatsugatake, a sea of ​​clouds stained in the morning sun, and Mt. Fuji floating in the clouds in the distance. At the gondola summit station, we also have a café where you can eat snacks and coffee.
【Operation date】 Friday, Saturday, Sunday and national holiday from September 30th to November 6th (Already ended this season)
[Operation time] AM 5:30 - Start operating (ticket sale AM ​​5:25)
Adult 1,650 yen
Child 800 yen
Preschool child free

For details, please visit HP of Fujimi Panorama Resort (Open as a fun ski resort in winter!)
The cloud sea forecast on the day and so on are also posted.


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