In the midst of the Yatsugatake Sightseeing Area Park are rice paddies with a view of the surrounding mountains. During falls the rice grain turns a bright gold colour that contrasts beautifully against the distant mountain scenery. Rice paddies require clean water, fresh air and nutrient rich soil, and the Yatsugatake Mountain Sightseeing Park is filled with nature's blessings. Hokuto City's Mukawa River in particular is renown throughout Japan for its healthy rice grown from clear water, clean air, and fine granite soil. In the Edo Period the rice grown here was called "Mukawa Rice" and presented to the Tokugawa Shogun. The rice in lot 48 is hardly circulated in the market, giving it the nickname "phantom rice". Another grain grown and produced here is Rihoku Rice, given a grade A ranking for 5 consecutive years. It's an area where you can eat delicious rice with a view of the beautiful nature that produced it. The new batches of rice will being distribution around October.


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