Tajimaharajuku flourished in the Edo Period as a resting post along the Koshu Road. The townscape chosen as one of Japan's top 100 roads is dotted with old houses and warehouses, as well as sake brewerys and Japanese sweet shops. The "Tajimaharajuku" event opened on the third Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of October in the Hakushu-cho Hoku City Yamanashi Prefecture area of Tajimaharajuku is famous for its crafts and antiques. In just three days, over 400 years of history will be exchanged at once. Over 300 craftsman stores from all around Japan will gather to sell antique furniture, accessories, and handmade decorations. There will also be restaurants serving local agricultural products and food, as well as the local performing art the "Tigerhead Dance." In total, there's expected to be thousands of visitors in just one day. This festival isn't just a place to shop for antiques, but it's a place where visitors can explore the history and culture of Koshu, and we highly reccomend you stop by for a visit.


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