The waterfall is located in the upstream of the Ioshiudoro River which gathers the water from the northern face of the southern Alps and it is the largest waterfall in the east of Japan. It is said that the origin of the name of the waterfall is that in the olden days, you cleanse yourself with the water from the waterfall to pray for the Shinto Buddha. It was also selected for 100 waterfalls in Japan. Climbing the Ioshiudoro River ravine foot path for about 40 mins, you can see the Takimidai. Looking at the 1400m tall Shojigataki falls overwhelms the people.

Also, the foot path along side of Ioshiudoro River, you can also enjoy walking in the nature, playing in the river, fishing and so on. You can also observe Fossa Magna, which is said to be a huge rift in the Japanese archipelago, at an altitude of 1,000 m above the altitude of the mountain area off the road. Walking while listening to the sounds of fresh water, Ichinotaki, Ninotaki, Akaiwanotaki and Onigiri rock, Sentakku rock, Meoto rocks and others took people's eyes one after the other and the color of the trees reflected on the water is just beautiful. Also, you can enjoy the magnificent view the most famous waterfalls in the east of Japan, Shojigataki fall flowing down from 121m rock at a stroke.


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