It was said to built around the end of Edo period or the start
Meiji period, It was Mr. Ito Yonosuke's house relocated from Haramuranakashinden, the room is also common in this district. While opening in summer, nostalgic agricultural tools and lifestyle tools will also be in display. There are lots of experience programs such as split weaving! Various events are also held, such as, Moss making room, Nagano prefecture's local cuisine, Oyaki making is held. Also, during the opening we can experience free experiences of ripping weaving woven kimono etc. The instructor of the local hall will be instructing, and the work you make can be taken home with only the material cost.

In addition, in the folk materials exhibition room adjacent to the local hall, the household spinning tools and cloth for taking yarn from cocoons, centered on silkworm silkworm equipment, which has been actively promoted as farmers' income sources since the Meiji era until the first half of 1960 are also on display.


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