From Sukumo City to the World!
For the first time ever, Sukumo City’s Tourism Association is expanding their products outside of Japan, launching an international PR campaign to highlight several unique items, amongst them Hamada Marine’s “purple majesty” and “hanakibinago” (sweetened herring fish), Narita Orchard’s pomelo juice and Kubo Farm’s fumiya juice. The move has been a success, and there have already been several inquiries from Taiwanese companies. Company PR teams have worked tirelessly to promote their products as follows:
-Hamada Marine’s ”Purple majesty” mixed with their delicious kibinago on rice makes for a healthy, preservative free meal.
-Calcium filled ”hanakibinago” would make a delicious and healthy snack with sake or sweets.
-Pomelo Juice is a luxurious drink, with over 10 kg of pomelo fruit in every bottle.
-Fumiya Juice is a unique drink that can be mixed with anything from water, sake, soda, or even milk!

Taiwan’s Healthy Lifestyle Boom
The business meeting was organized by the Kochi Prefecture Trade Association and held in Taipei's International Trade Center. Over 13 booths run by general businesses and municipal government were arranged and visited by representatives from over 40 Taiwanese businesses. Amongst the several top notch products, the juice and purple majesty were most popular. What with the recent boom in the Taiwanese healthy living market, most companies were interested in all natural, preservative free products. It seems that perhaps soon, some of Sukumo City’s most famous products will be lining store shelves in Taiwan.


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