The New Years Countdown 2017 and New Years Starlight Illumination 2017 will be held in Wakayama Mariner City. New Years Countdown 2017 Join in the excitement and greet the new year in the live event of the year! Performances by local musicians and famous bands will be followed by a countdown by the entire stadium. Bless the New Year with great music and fun performances! [Opening Day] December 31st (Saturday) from 7:00 PM ~ 1:25 AM
Newyears Starlight Illumination 2017
This extravegant fireworks display blesses the new year with a spectacular special effect firework performance set to music. The rumbling music intermingles with the bright lights of the fireworks, in a breathtaking display you'll never forget. Don't miss this once in a lifetime event!
[Event Schedule] January 1st 2017 (Sunday) ~ 1:15 PM (may last until 1:25 PM)
【Acess】Take the Wakayama Bus and get off at "Marina City" Wakayama Pass
【Contact Us At】0570-064-358(The Wakayama Marine City Information Desk)